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Net price calculator

Tulane's Net Price Calculator was developed to help families plan for the costs associated with attending college. Use this calculator as a guide to help make informed financial decisions for your future. Help messages will guide you through each step.

In order to complete the Net Price Calculator, be sure you have the following materials available:
  • Most recent student & parent income tax returns
  • Earnings statements
  • Bank & investment account statements
  • Records of untaxed income
  • Student's academic information

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Financing a Tulane Education

Tulane isn't cheap, but we definitely think we are worth the investment. I previously wrote a bit about why I personally think a Tulane degree truly is worth the (albeit large) price tag. We have a lot going for us here, and we also work to make Tulane affordable to all students.

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Did You Know?

Dr. Rudolph Matas invented more than 20 surgical procedures including the Matas operation for aneurysms during his 42 years teaching at the medical school.